ADHD Symptoms, Inhibitory Control and Parenting among Mothers of Children with and without ADHD

Behavior Observation Study using Mangold INTERACT - Iris Shilo & Anat Zaidman-Zait

Parenting is one of the complex tasks of adulthood which requires cognitive, emotional, and behavioral endeavor. Belsky’s process model identifies three domains of determinants of parental functioning: parents’ personal psychological resources, contextual sources of stress and support, and child’s characteristics.

Recently there has been an increased research on parental cognitive and affective functioning as determinants of parenting behaviors.

Parental ADHD symptoms are related to a broad range of parenting difficulties.

In the context of high hereditary of ADHD, it is probable that among parents with elevated symptoms of ADHD, parenting challenges stem from the presence of ADHD symptoms in their children.

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