Publication on Early Childhood Development

An important application area of Mangold Labs is Developmental Psychology and the research on Early Childhood Development.

Many worldwide Universities and Research Institutes use Mangold Lab Systems for their studies. A recent study examined the dyadic sensory motor coordination by using the software Mangold INTERACT.

In a long term study of five mother-infant dyads, videos of home play interactions were recorded over the infants’ first year. The researchers examined the mother-infant sensory motor activity between one another as well as their interaction with toys in regards to the targets of hands, gaze and mouth.


A profound pattern was identified: at four months, infants focused all sensory modalities on objects introduced by the mother. From six to twelve months, infants showed increasing decoupling of hands and eyes and advanced sequences in multi-object play. Simultaneously, the mother-infant dyads developed increasing social interchange, as the mothers adapted to the infants’ sensory motor skills.


de Barbaro, K., Johnson, C., & Deák, G.O. (2013). Twelve-month ‘social revolution’ emerges from mother-infant sensory-motor coordination: A longitudinal investigation. Human Development, 56, 223-248.


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