What are the benefits of Mangold VideoSyncPro Studio?

Learn more about how VideoSyncPro Studio can improve the quality of your recordings.

Mangold VideoSyncPro is a powerful software designed for synchronizing the recording of multiple video and audio sources, allowing researchers to record and tag human behavior in various settings. This software is particularly useful for researchers who need to capture data from multiple sources simultaneously, such as in studies of group behavior, clinical assessments, or educational settings. In this blog post, we'll explore the usefulness of Mangold VideoSyncPro and how it can help researchers achieve their research goals.

One of the key benefits of Mangold VideoSyncPro is its ability to synchronize multiple video and audio sources right from the start of a recording. Researchers can capture data from multiple cameras, microphones, or tablets and have it automatically synchronized for easy offline analysis or immediate feedback sessions. This saves researchers significant time and effort compared to manually synchronizing data from different sources, allowing them to focus on the data itself.

The software's automatic synchronization features are highly accurate, ensuring that data from different sources is synchronized within a few milliseconds. This level of accuracy is critical for researchers who need to capture fine-grained behavior data, such as in studies of nonverbal behavior or emotional expressions, or for medical trainers that need to provide accurate feedback.


VideoSyncPro Studio recording three cameras and a medical monitor

Another major benefit of Mangold VideoSyncPro is its user-friendly interface. The software's intuitive design makes it easy for researchers to set up their experiments and start capturing data quickly. The software provides a range of features to support various setups, including customizable event markers, remote control, "voice-of-god"-communication, viewing room facilities, and instant feedback for debriefing requirements. This enables researchers to record and review all data in a way that meets their specific research needs.


Mangold VideoSyncPro is highly customizable, enabling researchers to tailor the software to their research needs. The software supports a range of add-ons, allowing researchers to extend its functionality and integrate it with other research tools and technologies. Mangold VideoSyncPro Studio provides seamless integration with MindWare's Bio-lab software, BioGraph Infinity from Thought Technology, and Brain Product and Smarting EEG systems – to name just a few.


Panel with icon markers and subjects and a list of logged events

In conclusion, Mangold VideoSyncPro is a highly useful and scalable tool for researchers looking to observe and analyze human or animal behavior data from multiple sources. Its automatic synchronization features and user-friendly interface make it an ideal choice for researchers conducting video-based research in various settings.

If you're a researcher looking for a powerful, scalable, and user-friendly recording studio, Mangold VideoSyncPro Studio is definitely a great choice.