Example Research Labs

Mangold Education Research Lab

The picture shows a common observation lab with a semi-transparent mirror to look into the test room. It represents many Mangold labs used for educational research.

The workstation is used to control the observation session, using the Mangold VideoSyncPro software.

The recorded video footage is rated with Mangold INTERACT.

Measured physiology is analyzed with Mangold DataView in combination with the behavior data.

Classical Mangold oneway mirror research lab
University of Zimbabwe Research Lab

Portable Child Behavior Research Lab

The Department of Psychology, in the Faculty of Social Studies at the University of Zimbabwe is using a state-of-the-art video laboratory from Mangold International.

The lab is the first of its kind in Zimbabwe and is used for video based behavioral research on children. Studying child development from birth up to eight years of age provides knowledge about parenting, teaching and learning techniques, and also about health and nutrition issues.

This Mangold observational research lab is portable, meaning the audio and video equipment and the analysis computer workstation can be setup in any location.

Mangold Research Lab in Harare

Stationary Child Behavior Research Lab

Even if scientific resources are limited, budgets are low, or infrastructure is difficult, wellbeing of children and their education must be in the focus of everyone.

The University of Zimbabwe has a strong research focus on child development and education. That’s why they acquired a Mangold Behavior Research Lab with remote controlled cameras, including audio equipment, for a variety of studies with toddlers to adolescent children, using Mangold INTERACT.

The picture shows a part of the Mangold Child Behavior Research Lab.

University of Zimbabwe
Department of Educational Foundations,
Mount Pleasant, Harare, Zimbabwe

Mangold Eye Tracking Lab

Mangold Eye Tracking Research Lab

The prestigious Business School at Durham University in the UK has a full equipped Mangold laboratory consisting of various differently configured lab rooms with many Mangold Vision Eye Tracking cubicles, several workstations, a conference room and a small group room.

The Institute does practical research in the fields of leadership, career, group dynamics, gender and other areas of organizational and social psychology as part of the interdisciplinary scientific education.

Durham University, Business School
Durham, United Kingdom

Mangold User Experience Research Lab

Mangold Usability Research Lab

The picture shows a lab for usability and user experience studies in an University environment.

The individual test cabins are shielded from each other. This allows multiple students to run tests at the same time without affecting each other.

On the PCs runs the software Mangold LogSquare, for recording and evaluating the user experience.

Mangold usability lab in a truck

Research Lab in a Truck

This lab is very special because it is installed in a truck. It is thus a mobile observation lab for usability and user experience studies and psychological tests, rolling through an entire country.

It is equipped with several video cameras and microphones and running Mangold INTERACT and LogSquare software.

Mangold observation lab control room

Multi-Purpose Human Computer Interaction Lab

The Faculty of Information Technology and Quantitative Sciences, FTMSK is running a Mangold Human Computer Interaction Lab at the new faculty building in Shah Alam, Selangor.

The Lab is used for teaching and research of behavioral studies by undergraduate and graduate students and teaching staff of the faculty.

This lab will also be used to provide services to industry players and seeks to be a National Center for Behavioral studies in the country.

The HCI Lab is a complete and fully functional facility comprising of hardware, software and interconnecting interfaces that is integrated into a system capable of supporting the functions of teaching, learning and research.

Mangold Usability and User Experience Research Lab

A Mangold behavior research laboratory can be as complex as you like - as long as you have the staff to operate everything.

An outstanding advantage of a Mangold solution is the fact, that we can integrate almost any other physical deivce, if it can be remotely controlled or if its resulting data can be understood easily.

Mangold VideoSyncPro, the Mangold Vision Eye Tracking suite, as well as the LogSquare usability software can handle trigger signals, allowing to integrate behavioral data recording with EEG or physiology recording.

Mangold observation lab look through
Mangold gaming research lab

Mangold Gaming Research Lab

A gaming research lab from Mangold allows data acquisition and analysis, also in technically complex environments.

It is wise to precisely define the lab's purpose and the to be recorded data streams prior to purchasing any equipment. Otherwise such a lab can quickly be overly complex. Let Mangold advice you in setting up such a lab.

We can provide video recording solutions for computer screens and software for analyzing the participant's behavior, such as the Mangold Vision Eye Tracking suite or the LogSquare usability software.

Team Research, Briefing and Debriefing Lab

Mangold participant observation room

Mangold's behavior research labs are used in a variety of team research applications, ranging from med-team performance analysis to management training and problem solving strategy research.

The lab can be created to be used for briefing and debriefing sessions.

Mangold participant observation room

Central Control Room for Multiple Labs

Mangold's video and audio recording technology makes it possible to separate the participant's test-room from the observation and control room.

This is great, because possible lab rooms are available in most facilities, but it is unlikely that they are adjacent.

With Mangold technology, also one single observation and control room is sufficient to operate an almost unlimited amount of participant's test-rooms.

This saves a lot of money and makes maintenance and operation easy.

Mangold observation lab control room

Getting a Mangold Observational Research Lab

How much does it cost and how can I get a Mangold Lab?

No matter if it is for Parent-Infant research, Research on adolescence, Team research, Design thinking, Problem solving, Strategic thinking, Feedback and Training, Usability Research or ... you name it ... we certainly can design a professional observation lab solution meeting your individual needs.

Just describe your project and we propose the ideal package for you.

Discuss your project needs with us
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