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LogSquare - The UX and Usability Test Software

What is Mangold LogSquare

Mangold LogSquare is an out-of-the box Usability Testing Software.

LogSquare records the entire User's experience during a test session. The Facial Expressions and Thinking Aloud Protocols and computer related activities, such as mouse actions and keyboard entries.

For deeper insight, an Eye Tracker can be added to Mangold LogSquare. This is for example important whenever the user says something like "I don't understand that" or "that is really interesting". Because at these points one would like to know exactly what the user looked at.

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LogSquare's Benefits

LogSquare is easy to use, yet powerful in its functionality.

  • Full user experience recording: computer screen, camera, audio, keyboard entries and mouse actions
  • Integrated editor for creating structured Usability Scenarios
  • Integrated on-screen questionnaire support
  • Reporting based on coding, success of usability tasks and results of questionnaires
  • Easy data export
  • Easy video export for stakeholders
  • Options to synchronize other systems in a research lab
  • Supporting several Eye Tracker simultaneously (see video...)

Why Usability Testing?

Because of the abundance of similar products on the market, the ease-of-use of such a product and its safety in its use is a key factor in its sustained market success.

If a product proves to be too complicated, customers tend to quickly look for comparable products. Also the occurrence of serious problems due to usage errors is a critical matter, both for the manufacturer, as well as for the user and those involved (e.g., in the case of an accidentally - intuitively incorrectly operated medical device).

The term usability is used to describe the user-friendliness of a product (the product has a high or low usability). The criteria for a professional assessment of an usability test are regulated under a DIN standard

Usability tests are required by law in many areas before products enter the market: For example in medical areas or for factory and machine controls.

A high usability is a key success factor for 21st century products, proven by many scientific studies and market research tests.

Out-of-the-Box Usability and UX Lab

LogSquare - Usability Testing Software

Mangold LogSquare is the ideal solution for individual usability and user experience tests

Professional usability tests show which optimizations a product needs to be successful in the long term and to avoid unnecessary expenses during the product life cycle

Mangold LogSquare supports you right from the start in the development phases of software applications, websites and other PC-based systems

Identify, understand and resolve the early signs of usability problems with little effort.

Mangold LogSquare - your screen recording solution

1. Prepare

LogSquare can be operated directly from the USB stick without prior installation. This is very handy in environments where no software may be installed but tests should be performed.

Just click on the Record button and run your user personally through the test - or - define a usability scenario, using the LogSquares scenario editor, that your attendee should follow.

2. Record

LogSquare captures the entire user's activities and his usage experience.

The user's Computer Screen, Facial Expressions and Thinking Aloud Protocols and computer related activities, such as Mouse Actions and Keyboard Entries are recorded.

Using the integrated coding module, the observer as well as the user can add their additional Comments and Codes during the test session.

3. Analyze

Playback the entire screencast in LogSquare and easily jump to the interesting parts, using the recorded log information

Use the entered comments and codes to better understand crucial actions of the user.

Export relevant data and highlight-videos to share your key findings with your project stakeholders. 

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Usability Tests across multiple computer screens

In industrial environments a single computer screen isn’t usually enough in controlling the workflow. For these reason, usability tests prove to be a most demanding challenge in these locations.

Especially SCADA applications, simulation software, applications in air traffic control centers or similar typically use more than one computer screen during normal operation.

Depending on the system configuration, Mangold LogSquare can screencast  such huge computer screens into a single video.

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Usability Tests across multiple computer screens

Add Eye Tracking for even more Results

Usability studies benefit from eye tracking data

Through the recording of the gaze behavior during usability tests, the applications can be examined more thoroughly for their user friendliness. Because only eye tracking shows you where the participant looked at, in critical situations.

E.g. If the participant says, "I do not know which button to press", it is very helpful to understand what the user has just looked at. The statement alone ("Thinking Aloud") is not very helpful.

When the user sees the correct location on the screen, he might noch identify the button as a button, or the button's text is misleading, which prevents the user from pressing it. Or, if the test user instead looks at a different place on the screen, it is likely that he expects the functionality at that location. Etc.. Without an analysis of the actual gaze behavior, this would be difficult to see.

Eye tracking reveals the most basic, subconscious information that the participants can not remember by definition. Therefore, you can not get such information through interviews or questionnaires.

Multiple Eye Tracker at the same time

LogSquare can also be used with multiple eye tracking devices at the same time to perform eye tracking tests on applications that span multiple screens.

Watch this video:

Human Factors and Ergonomics Studies Performed Effectively and Efficiently

See with the eyes of your participant's, by using LogSquare and the VT3 mini Eye Tracker.

See how your subjects use control elements in a flight or driving simulator. Understand how intuitive the controls were used or why tasks could not be fulfilled.

Use this perfect symbiosis between LogSquare and Eye Tracking for even more meaningful tests.

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