Recording EEG

in Scientific Studies

Record and Understand EEG Data

EEG and Video Observation - A real Added Value

Mangold International offers, in collaboration with Brain Products, professional EEG system solutions for scientific research.

The combination of videobased observation research with Mangold software products and the measurement of EEG data with Brain Products solutions, offers a considerable added value in many research studies.

Because only this product combination makes it possible to connect the worlds of scientific observation and the measurement of EEG (electroencephalography) data synchronously with each other.

Experience the connection between measurement data and qualitative observations and understand their importance with Mangold INTERACT and DataView.

Fields of Application

  • Neuromarketing
  • Brain Computer Interface design
  • Psychology
  • Teaching and Learning research
  • Virtual-Reality studies
  • Sports / Movement studies
  • Drowsiness/fatigue studies
  • Serious gaming research
  • Basic research in the area of strategy development / design / art / sensor technology / sensory perception ...
  • And many more...
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EEG-Daten professionell aufzeichnen

Mangold International provides professional turn-key solutions for the recording and analysis of EEG data in scientific studies.

Integration of EEG data into your Observational Studies

Challenge & Goal

Integrate high-end EEG recordings using BRAIN PRODUCTS equipment and video based observations in one study.

Study Idea

Get more information by combining behavioral observation + EEG, compared to the independent observation of behavior or the sole measurement of EEG signals.

  • Record EEG, using a BRAIN PRODUCTS device.
  • Record video of your subject from different angles, using Mangold’s VideoSyncPro.
  • Do post analysis of your recorded videos and add additional information in form of video ratings or observational coding to your study, using Mangold INTERACT.
  • Integrate the measured EEG data with the observed coding data.
  • Finally draw conclusions out of this combination of measured data plus observed data.

The biggest challenges

  • Synchronizing EEG data acquisition with video recording
  • Transfer BRAIN PRODUCTS specific markers to INTERACT (This allows you to watch the corresponding video sequences in-sync with your EEG data and make use of INTERACTS ability to search for co-occurrences and to identify contingencies between situations).
  • Transfer behavioral observations as markers to the BRAIN PRODUCTS Analyzer in a way that they exactly match the measured EEG sequences.


The integration of the BRAIN PRODUCTS Recorder, BRAIN PRODUCTS Analyzer, Mangold DataView and Mangold INTERACT, either with or without making use of a stimulus trigger, is perfectly demonstrated in our HOW-TO Guide.

Download the entire Guide