Eye Tracking Testing in Comparison to Classic User Testing of Websites

At the University of West Bohemian, Pilsen, Czech Republic, Tereza Formáková from the Faculty of Economics compared classic user testing with the eye tracking testing of websites.

Eye tracking testing in comparison
to classic user testing of websites

FORMÁNKOVÁ, Tereza. Pilsen, 2016. 108 p. Master thesis. University of West Bohemia in Pilsen. Faculty of Economics.

This master thesis is focused on the comparison of two specific methods used for the
evaluation of web sites: classic user testing and eye tracking. The theoretical part
provides the introduction to marketing research with the focus on social research, and
then presents the overview of some techniques used for the evaluation of web sites.

The practical part is presented in the form of a research report and it describes a design and process of the implemented research and it also provides data analysis and the
presentation of the results. The paper continues with the key chapter which compares
the classic user testing with eye tracking in some chosen characteristics using data
obtained from this particular research.

In the last part of this paper the advantages and disadvantages of both methods are presented, some usability improvements for all tested web sites are proposed and as a conclusion, the new findings and knowledge are compared with the existing theoretical background.

For the documentation and analysis of the ey tracking part of the study, the MangoldVision eye tracking system was used, including the VT3 mini eye tracker and the analysis software MangoldVision.

MangoldVision - eye tracking system