Video Analysis made easy

Observation is much more than just looking.

Professional video analysis is much more than just jotting down observations. When properly applied it enables accelerated answers to complex research questions which could otherwise only be achieved at great expense.

The Department of Psychology at TU Braunschweig methodologically strongly focuses on observational research and interaction analysis.

Within many studies and projects the scientists use professional video analysis as one of their observational and analytical tools. Just recently, the University hosted the international symposium “INTER.COM – Interaction, Communication and Observational Methods” for the purpose of sharing experiences with scientists worldwide and broadening the research network.

Being an expert in the field, Pascal Mangold gave a lecture on professional video analysis. He outlined that the goal is to produce a maximum of usable research results with minimum effort. The technology must be highly precise as well as user-friendly so that it can serve as a helpful tool and does not become a time-consuming obstacle to a study. Video analysis provides a wealth of highly reliable information that can be reproduced permanently.

Pascal Mangold showed hands-on the most effective and efficient approaches of video analysis within the software Mangold INTERACT.