Behavioral Observation in a Video Lab

Workshop at the DPPD Conference in Greifwald

The integration of behavioral observation studies is required more and more in many areas of psychology. Therefore, the DPPD, the section Differential Psychology, Personality Psychology and Psychological Diagnostic, addressed this topic on the event of their 12th Workshop in Greifswald, Germany.

Dr. Katrin Rentzsch, of the University of Bamberg, presented and discussed at the workshop, the diagnostic basics and practical implications of behavioral observation in a video lab. The aim of the workshop was to provide an overview of the requirements and opportunities of behavioral observation in a video lab in order to facilitate entry into the behavior research.

First, the design of coding systems was explained in detail. Then, concrete measures to ensure the validity and to increase the inter rater reliability were also discussed.

The second part of the workshop was focused on the practical implementation of behavioral observation in a video lab. A typical observation study was outlined, starting with the planning, continuing with the implementation and the video capturing, to the analysis of the video data. Special attention was given to the technical requirements and features of a video lab.

Finally, a demonstration took place of the analysis software Mangold INTERACT. Reinhard Grassl, Head of Sales at Mangold International, captivated the participants especially with the easy use of Mangold INTERACT, despite of its sophisticated features and multiple possibilities. This concludes that valuable research time can be used directly for the studies without any required extensive software trainings beforehand.

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