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Easily gain new scientific knowledge with the software tools and labs from Mangold that are hard to get with other tools.

Stationary Observation Labs

Perform Observations in your Individual Lab

Observation is not as easy as it sounds: To make meaningful scientific observations, adequate methods and good technical solutions are necessary.

Enjoy having full control over your scientific study with your own observation lab. Several, state-of-the-art camera systems and audio devices record the observed scenarios for you.

Afterwards, you can perform in dept analysis of the video- and audio files with our scientific software programs. As a leading supplier of observational labs and scientific software we offer you individual, complete solutions for your scientific purpose.

From planning, to on-site installation, to long-term support.

Your Individual Lab

Portable Observation Labs

Microphones, HD video cameras, recording equipment,
and more, in a practical and safe packaging

Your portable research lab
in a practical rolling suitcase

Scientific Observation on the Road

Do you carry out field studies or do you have nopermanent room for your lab? That's exactly what our portable lab is designed for.

A fully equipped rolling suitcase provides you with all necessary audio- and video components for your observational studies.

With this portable lab your personal observational study can be made everywhere – e.g. in schools, on campus or in malls.

Save valuable time and resources with this solution, which you can use elsewhere in your studies. 

Portable Lab

Quantitative & Qualitative Video Content Analysis

With INTERACT you get a worldwide and over 25 years proven, easy to use video rating software with extensive evaluation options.

The content coding and transcription of the video files succeeds in an easy and flexible manner.

No matter where your videos come from; whether you recorded videos with a Mangold lab, used your own video equipment or have access to existing video files: You can always use INTERACT for evaluation.

Use your own category systems and capture ratings, codes and transcripts with INTERACT in a multitude of possible approaches.

Get statistical results in the form of charts at the touch of a button and discover previously hidden information that cannot be detected with conventional methods.


Eye Tracking System

The Complete Eye Tracking Solution – Containing Software and Hardware.

Present your participants various stimuli like images, videos or websites with Mangold Vision. In addition to the gaze data of the participant, Mangold Vision can also record a video of the user as well as any user audio. Because of this, you are able to see through the eyes of your participants and understand their interaction- and gaze behavior.

Whether Marketing, Design, reading studies or psychological tests – with Mangold Vision, efficient eye tracking studies are possible for nearly every field of application.

Mangold Vision Eye Tracking

Out-of-the-Box Solution for Usability & UX

Record and analyze the entire user experience of your participants during PC based usability tests with Mangold LogSquare.

With this complete solution, the computer screen of the user, his facial expressions, as well as his mouse activities, and keyboard inputs, are recorded.

In combinations with the optional eye tracking system you can gain further insights into the user behavior. Look through the eyes of your participants and follow their gazes.

Despite its simple user interface, the LogSquare usability software offers numerous powerful functions, such as the integrated on-screen questionnaire support, the marker- and comment-function and the simple data- and video-export.

Improve the user-friendliness and success of your products with LogSquare.

Mangold LogSquare

Integration of Measuring Data, Physiology & EEG

Mangold DataView

Mangold DataView

Combine physiological measurements with video-based observational data in a simple way.

Recording EEG

Recording EEG

Whether stationary or mobile – Mangold offers you a complete package for recording EEG-data.

Measuring Physiology

Measuring Physiology

Breath, heart rate and many more are measurable with physiology recording devices and sensors from Mangold.

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