Author: Pascal Mangold

Computer Scientist, Founder and CEO of Mangold International GmbH

He studied Electrical Engineering and Computer Science also combined with Medicine. He started his career already at the University by establishing and developing a Software Company. He successfully provides and sells several different Software Solutions for the Science and Research industry. After graduating from University, he started working as a software developer. He then worked himself into an executive level position of a world leading Market Research Company within 5 years.

Based on an article Pascal Mangold wrote for a journal about IT Project Management, he was requested to work on a book by the well-known Publisher “Spektrum / Elsevier Science & Technology” (today Springer Publishing). Shortly after the release of this book about Project Managament in 2002 it became an Amazon Top Seller. Still today it is an article for great demand in three languages.

Pascal Mangold is always looking for new and improved ways in Computer Science and Technology. For this reason, he left his former job and founded his own company to implement his high-quality ideas.

Out of a brilliant idea and based on his renowned knowledge in Computer Science and Audio/Video Technology he developed the Software INTERACT. This Software is still one of the core products of Mangold International GmbH and is applied by several thousand users worldwide.
Among the management of his company Pascal Mangold is a prominent Speaker and is invited to Universities and Industries worldwide.

His motto on good quality, “It is absolutely no fun dealing with low end things” said Pascal Mangold. “That goes along with good food and everything else that surrounds our everyday life.”

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