Research and Education in Zimbabwe with Mangold

The Faculty of Education at the University of Zimbabwe is engaged in research and educates teachers around the whole nation. In the last four years almost 4,000 graduates from different degrees could be qualified for a teaching profession

Ongoing training is significantly important: over 35,000 teachers and fifteen associated Teachers’ Colleges took advantage of these training courses. Almost every teacher in Zimbabwe has been in contact with the Faculty during their career. Research, teaching and intellectual excellence in the department have resulted with an enormous impact in the nation whereby Zimbabwe achieved a 92% literacy rate, while the rate for entire Africa is at 65% (source: UNDP).

The Faculty plans to raise its standard of teaching even higher by applying current technologies and methods in research and education. For this reason, they acquired a state-of-the-art lab for behavioral analysis to conduct research studies on early childhood development. Recently, the lab was inaugurated as part of an official opening ceremony.

Among the invited guests were representatives from all the Universities and Colleges of Zimbabwe, as well as, from ministries and UNICEF including the Children’s Fund of the United Nations. After the Dean of Education, Prof. Rosemary Moyana welcomed everyone, the Registrar Sergeant Chevo, representative of the Vice Chancellor, emphasized the importance of future children for the country and society. Pascal Mangold, CEO of Mangold International, then addressed the abundant possibilities of professional video analysis particularly for research in early childhood. The lab enables researchers to generate comprehensive data with high reliability and permanent reproducibility based on the modern video and audio technology including the flexible and powerful analysis software. Pascal Mangold explained the effective and efficient approaches of video analysis with the INTERACT software.

The next day there was an intensive training workshop for the faculty and staff. Step by step they were led through the installed lab facilities and software suites by Pascal Mangold and his colleague Reinhard Grassl.

Contact with the University of Zimbabwe came as a result from the Mangold booth at the International Congress of Psychology in Cape Town, South Africa. The wide range of professional solutions for scientific observation was very well received by the many visitors. Shortly after in 2013, a Mangold Lab was installed in the Department of Psychology which then led to the successful lab installation at the Faculty of Education.

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