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Ready to use Research Sofware and Equipment to capture, observe and analyze human or animal behavior. Mangold International offers state-of-the-art software and hardware solutions for different research applications.

  • Mangold INTERACT 17

    Mangold INTERACT 17

    We are excited to announce the new INTERACT 17 software from Mangold with lots of improvements. It makes scientific work easier again. See the Highlights...
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  • Mangold VideoSyncPro version 2.5

    Mangold VideoSyncPro version 2.5

    News from the development department:
    Mangold VideoSyncPro supports now video recordings at 120 frames per second
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  • Merge INTERACT Data Files

    Merge INTERACT Data Files

    Presume you have multiple coders that collected their observations in different data files, or you collected your observations in separate data files per video. Analyzing such data becomes a lot easier, if all observations (belonging to the same study) are merged into one big file! That way you can visualize all data at once and get comparative statistics within a single table. Read more

  • Create Statistics with INTERACT

    Create Statistics with INTERACT

    Data collection is mainly a laborious task, but playing around with the data to gain further insights is where the fun starts. The first stage is taking a look at descriptive statistics like frequency, duration, percentage over time and latencies. With INTERACT, those results are available within a few mouse clicks. Read more

  • Using of INTERACT in Scientific Research Studies

    Using of INTERACT in Scientific Research Studies

    The software Mangold INTERACT is used in numerous scientific studies for the qualitative and quantitative analysis of observation videos. In the following list you can see how diverse the application areas are in the field of video analysis.
    For the collection of these documents we used Google, May 2017.
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  • Integration of EEG data into your Observational Studies

    Integration of EEG data into your Observational Studies

    Integrate high-end EEG recordings using BRAIN PRODUCTS equipment and video based observations in one study and get more information by combining behavioral observation + EEG measurement. Read more

  • Eye Tracking Hardware for the Future

    Eye Tracking Hardware for the Future

    Mangold International (Germany), leader in research software and EyeTech Digital Systems (USA) are pleased to announce new hardware improvements to the VT3 mini eye tracker.
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  • Emotion Coregulation in Father Child Dyads

    Emotion Coregulation in Father Child Dyads

    A Dynamic Systems Analysis of Children with and without Autism Spectrum Disorder - another amazing study, presented at the poster session of the SRCD 2017.
    We are very proud that the researchers used Mangold INTERACT for the emotion engagement coding scheme.
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  • Tool transfers are a form of teaching among chimpanzees

    Tool transfers are a form of teaching among chimpanzees

    Teaching is a form of high-fidelity social learning that promotes human cumulative culture. Although recently documented in several nonhuman animals, teaching is rare among primates. In this study, we show that wild chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes troglodytes) in the Goualougo Triangle teach tool skills by providing learners with termite fishing probes. Read more

  • How to Identify Emotions

    How to Identify Emotions

    We will show you how you can use Mangold INTERACT to compare automatically observed emotions with manually collected observations. Integrate full natural spoken word transcriptions during observation.
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