Author: Reinhard Grassl

Head of Sales Department

He has worked different positions for many years at various companies in the IT field. In 2004, he made his way back to his birthplace in Arnstorf where he is now Head of the Sales Department at Mangold International.

In addition to handling a global clientele, he also represents the company Mangold at several conferences around the world. A few of his responsibilities involve giving presentations at Universities and holding online webinars, but what he especially likes most about his job is the planning, executing and monitoring of complex research labs.

“In particular, I find it interesting and exciting that our projects come from diverse application areas. This includes anything from mother-child interactions, to usability studies, all the way to the observation of animal behavior“, says Reinhard Grassl. “Through my work, I have the opportunity to attend conferences and meet customers worldwide, which of course has its own appeal to it.”

At home, he enjoys spending time with his son, reading and watching sports, especially soccer.

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