Working in an effective and time-saving manner

Keyboard shortcuts and functions keys can significantly simplify computer work. And on top of that, it results in astonished colleagues who ask: “How did you do that?”

For starters, it may be helpful to print the following lists with the most important key-combinations und put them next to the keyboard. Once you get used to it, working becomes much faster by using the listed shortcuts for often used commands.

Generic Windows Shortcuts:

Program based Shortcuts, like available in Microsoft Word:

Special key-combinations that are of interest when working with Microsoft Excel:

INTERACT Shortcuts

In INTERACT, the video analysis software from Mangold, you can also make use of all the generic Windows shortcuts from the first table and all but one of the programm specific shortcuts from the second table.
Additionally, the function keys can be used to control your multimedia files – this simplifie the handling and analyzing of your observational sources a lot!

Print the function key layout that fits your keyboard, to make working with INTERACT even more effective and time-saving:

Here you can find the pdf template for printing:
INTERACT_Keyboard_Layout >>>